Proposing a Session

So, you’re coming to our unconference event–is there a specific session you’d hope to see happen? We’re looking for unconference sessions focused on topics related to accessibility, in both digital and physical spaces. Here are a few potential tracks for inspiration:

  • Web Accessibility
  • Inclusive Gaming
  • Real World Accessibility
  • Accessibility Policy
  • Standards and Guidelines
  • Assistive Technologies

On the day of the event, we’ll come together as a group to hear everyone’s session ideas and vote on our favorites. You can suggest a topic to lead, or for someone else to lead. The people in attendance will decide which sessions are the most interesting and applicable for the day. Come to the event and shape the outcome with your passions and interests!

Goals for the day include:

  • Learning new things about accessibility
  • Gaining empathy for our fellow humans
  • Community building
  • Identifying solutions to our challenges

How to submit

Submit a session by attending the event and proposing one at the start of the day. If the group votes yours in, you should be ready to host a discussion or present on an accessibility-related topic you’re familiar with. Otherwise, another attendee will have to take up the idea in order for it to be selected. Prepared slides and presentation materials are welcome, but not necessary to lead a successful session.