About the Event

Accessibility Camp Seattle is a mostly free, single-day unconference event held at Seattle Central College on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 from 9:30am until approximately 4:30pm. Doors open for coffee/tea and a light breakfast at 8:30am, and we’ll have a short wrap-up session at 4:30pm. Donations are requested for lunch ($10) and welcomed for small sponsorships (anything extra you wish to provide). More food information below.

Our venue can hold up to 150 people, so be sure to register soon and reserve your spot. (We’ll have a waitlist after the first 150.)

What’s an unconference?

Unconference presentations and discussions are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance and think about what you want to share and discuss, and come early to get a slot on the wall. The people present at the event will select the demos, presentations, and discussions they want to see.

If you bring slides, video or other media to share, you are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of your presentations are accessible when published on the web for the benefit of all and those who can’t be present.

  • 1st Rule: You do talk about Accessibility Camp.
  • 2nd Rule: You do blog and Tweet about Accessibility Camp.
  • 3rd Rule: If you want to present or lead a session, you must write your topic and name in a presentation slot during the morning scheduling.
  • 4th Rule: Only short intros.
  • 5th Rule: As many presentations/discussions at a time as facilities allow for.
  • 6th Rule: Presentations/discussions will go on as long as they have to or until they run into another presentation/discussion slot.
  • 7th Rule: If this is your first time at Accessibility Camp, we would love for you to present. (You don’t really have to, but try to find someone to present with, or at least ask questions and be an interactive participant!)

Food options

Coffee and tea will be served in the morning along with a light breakfast. An optional lunch will be provided. You can select a free ticket without lunch and bring your own, or explore Seattle’s Capitol Hill, or we request a $10+ donation for the catered lunch.

Let us know during registration if you need a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free option.


We know that it can be hard to attend an event if you’ve got family obligations. Therefore, we plan to hire childcare professionals to make Accessibility Camp Seattle an event suitable for the whole family. During registration, please let us know if you need childcare and we’ll do our best to provide it!

Getting to the Event

Looking for a place to stay or how to get to the venue? We have a whole page devoted to that topic! Visit Travel Information.