As a community of people passionate about accessibility, we are committed to providing the most accessible experience we can at Seattle Accessibility Camp.

Event space

The Broadway Edison Building is physically accessible and includes gender-neutral restrooms.

Please note that some weekend classes will be in session on the day of our event, so students will be in the building.

Kickoff and close

We’ll kick off and close the event in a multi-purpose room just inside the main entrance on the first floor.

  • This space will include flexible seating for the entire group and space at the front of the room for speakers, transcription, interpreters, and anyone requiring seating in the front.
  • This room will have an aisle down the middle of the seats that is 4 feet wide.
  • This room may also be used for large sessions, depending on attendence needs.


Classroom sessions will occur in rooms on floors 3 and 4, next to the elevators. Details on the classroom layouts are forthcoming.


For lunch and breakout space, we will have access to the universal access atrium space on the first floor.

Transcription and interpretation

We plan to have live transcription available at the event.

ASL interpreters are available on request. It would help us greatly to know if you would need ASL to attend the event. Please let us know during registration by Wednesday, May 8th, so we can make sure you have a great experience at camp!

Requests and concerns

If you have any other needs or accommodations we should know about, please contact us before the event: