Afternoon sesssion schedule

1:30pm-2:25am 2:30pm-3:25pm 3:30pm-4:25pm
Room 1 Tools and resources for accessible design, development and testing Leadership buy-in, empathy, and politics Tips for giving an accessibility talk at a mainstream conference
Room 2 What should new developers know about accessibility? Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines How to scale accessibility
Room 5 What's missing to future-proof the web? Reusable accessible components Making an inclusive (and usable) workplace
Room 6 Open source accessible devices Accessible games panel/discussion APIs and accessibility

Morning sesssion schedule

10:30am-11:25am 11:30am-12:25pm
Room 1 Building in accessibility from the start Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
Room 2 Top 10 engineering mistakes Eye-tracking game demo and accessible gaming devices
Room 5 What is accessibility? How did people get into accessibility and why?
Room 6 Strategies for retooling a site to be accessible Non-web digital accessibility

The event space and getting around

Use the Event Entrance at 1000 Fourth Avenue, to the left of the main doors when facing the building, or take the elevator from parking to level 1 to the 4th Avenue entrance.

We'll be assembling in the 4th floor meeting rooms for sessions. The 4th floor has its own restrooms.

We'll have a quiet room on the 6th floor for folks to rest and recharge during the day.

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Session Voting

Additional help

Should you need any help at the event or during your time in Seattle, find an event volunteer or email us at